ART FOR BHOPAL- all proceeds go 100% to The Bhopal Medical Appeal

Help the people of Bhopal who are still suffering the effects of the World's worst industrial disaster- the chemical gas leak of December 1984- and are now being slowly poisoned by the toxic waste that was never cleaned up... This is 'Bhopal's Second Disaster'.
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~ Wednesday, April 23 ~

Bhopal to Bridgehampton: A Theatrical Response to Tragedy and Disaster Tourism

2nd year drama students at the University of Roehampton will be staging a fundraiser on May the 2nd for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. The performance is based on Paul Antick’s experimental essay ‘Bhopal to Bridgehampton: Schema for a Disaster Tourism Event’.

Followed by drinks reception and The Politics of Disaster Representation panel discussion with Jennifer Parker-Starbuck (Project tutor and Chair), Colin Toogood (Bhopal Medical Appeal), Dr. Michelle Lamb (Director, Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research), Jonathan Skinner (ed. ‘Writing the Dark Side of Travel’), Paul Antick (scholar, author, photographer), Francesca Moore (photographer: ‘Bhopal: Facing 30’), and 2nd yr STP Drama students.

When: May 2nd, 7-7.30pm
Drinks: 7.30-8pm Discussion: 8-9pm
Where: Jubilee Theatre, Digby Stuart College, University of Roehampton Free tickets: More information:; @STPBhopal;

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~ Tuesday, April 1 ~

Auto Rickshaw, ‘City of Lakes’. A new video to accompany their song.

All proceeds from City of Lakes got to the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Our thanks go to Autorickshaw!

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~
Lalita, the maker of Ayurvedic medicine at our Sambhavna Clinic, photographed on a recent visit to Bhopal by photographer Barrie Watts.


LALITA SHARMA. MEDICINE MAKER. Sambhavna Trust Clinic Bhopal. Lalita makes Ayurvedic medicines, both pills and oils, from plants grown in Sambhavna’s organic garden.
Lalita, the maker of Ayurvedic medicine at our Sambhavna Clinic, photographed on a recent visit to Bhopal by photographer Barrie Watts.


LALITA SHARMA. MEDICINE MAKER. Sambhavna Trust Clinic Bhopal. Lalita makes Ayurvedic medicines, both pills and oils, from plants grown in Sambhavna’s organic garden.

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~ Friday, February 21 ~


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Genetic Heritage (Bhopal Gas Tragedy)

An original painting by Priya Ranjan and gifted to Rachna Dingra of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action (BGIA).

Genetic Heritage (Bhopal Gas Tragedy)

An original painting by Priya Ranjan and gifted to Rachna Dingra of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action (BGIA).

~ Wednesday, December 4 ~

Dow’s Effigy Will Burn Tonight

On the 29th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, a giant effigy, four metres tall, built of mud and straw stands ready to burn as a part of the traditional burning of hated public figures.

Politicians, crooks, or in the case of the Bhopalis, a giant, horned, fork-tailed, devil, an executive from Dow Chemical.

These people are angry. He should take note.

CLICK HERE for more pics

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~ Thursday, November 28 ~

'Bhopal', Avaes Mohammad.

Stirring performance of ‘Bhopal’ filmed around the time of the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster.

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Dow. Back for Rio 2016…

Dow. Back for Rio 2016…

~ Monday, November 11 ~

Autorickshaw album with a song about Bhopal disaster.

Autorickshaw album with a song about Bhopal disaster.

Track 9: City of Lakes

Proceeds go to Sambhavna clinic.

Many thanks to Autorickshaw

Click here to hear tracks from the album

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~ Wednesday, October 30 ~

Robotnick Dance Radio to Bhopal

Italian electronic musician Alexander Robotnick has a new, online
dance music radio station with the proceeds going to The Bhopal
Medical Appeal.

Alexander Robotnick (aka Maurizio Dami) is something of a legend in
electronic music being the creator of ‘Problèmes d’amour’ a hugely
influential electronic dance track, produced in 1983, that sounds like
a precursor to much of the electronic music of the following decades
and has a real freshness about it to this day.

In 1987 he turned his interest to World Music, and for the next decade
collaborated with African, Kurdish and Indian musicians. In 1994 he
began working with the Indian-Italian band “Govinda” leading to the
production of two tracks “Devotion” and “Transcendental Ecstasy” for
Govinda’s first album “Selling India By the Pound”.

Robotnick has produced soundtracks for theatre, video and film and,
since around 2003, after reengaging with the electronic dance music
scene, he has been in great demand performing his laptop dj set at
venues around the world.

Robotnick has a real love for India and has been a regular visitor to
the country for many years. In another life, Colin Toogood, of the
BMA, was a music promoter and dj and worked on a number of gigs with
Robotnick. It was after Colin gave up the music business, and joined
the BMA, that Robotnick became aware of our organization. He had
wanted to use his music to help the people of Bhopal for some time and
the new dance radio station seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Click here for Robotnick Dance Radio

Robotnick Dance Radio features live and studio recorded mixes, created
by Robotnick, in various categories from electro house to ItaloDisco
and is a real feast for electronic dance music fans. We, at The Bhopal
Medical Appeal are extremely grateful for Robotnick’s kind gesture and
can’t wait to get dancing our way through all of the mixes!

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Film production company to make Bhopal documentary.

Film production company to make Bhopal documentary.

Experienced industry executives Hamish McAlpine, Carole Siller and Colin Vaines, are joining forces on production outfit Broadstairs Films.

McAlpine and Siller are well known as the erstwhile heads of Tartan Films and Vaines as a Miramax and GK Films executive. Vaines produced or executive produced titles including Gangs of New York, The Rum Diary, The Young Victoria and Miss Potter.

Amongst Broadstairs Film’s first projects will be a documentary about the Bhopal Disaster bringing the story up to the present day.

We wish Broadstairs Films every success and look forward to hearing how their Bhopal documentary progresses.

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~ Monday, October 28 ~

Samar Jodha at Venice Biennale.

Friend of Bhopal Medical Appeal and creator of ‘Bhopal- A Silent Picture’, Samar Jodha, with a new multi-media piece at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

OUTPOST is artist Samar Singh Jodha’s visual disquisition on spontaneous individual expression in a rapidly homogenising global culture. He deploys a pictorial trope of discarded containers fashioned into habitat by miners in India’s pristine northeast. Art-making is too precious a gift to be restricted only to the virtuoso.

Samar Jodha

Outpost on Youtuber

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~ Wednesday, September 25 ~

Raghu Rai Photo Exhibition, Brighton

Raghu Rai’s ‘Exposure: Portrait of a Corporate Crime’

A selection of poignant images which depict Bhopal immediately after the gas disaster in 1984 and on Rai’s return to the city 18 years later. The imagery portrays the devastating surroundings, lost souls and local protests to fight for justice. The collection which was commissioned by Greenpeace, portrays the sad and compelling stories of the lives of those affected by the disastrous Union Carbide factory gas leak. This is a rare collection of photographs which has not been displayed for almost a decade.

The exhibition opens alongside a film screening of the acclaimed documentary ‘Bhopali’ on Thursday 3rd October. The photographs will be on display for one week. DETAILS HERE

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A Race Into Time

Artist Stephen Vince and his Bhopal Enigma sculpture

A remarkable sculpture not only visually speaking but for having taken part in last year’s Olympic protest rally opposing Dow’s sponsorship.

The Bhopal Enigma has now been photographed, or filmed, in many interesting and unusual places: protest rallies, outside Parliament, and even INSIDE the London Assembly building.

Stephen Vince’s ‘A Race Into Time’ Website: CLICK HERE


M.F. Hussain, Bhopal

M.F. Hussain’s ‘Bhopal’ is to head up a forthcoming sale Indian and Islamic Art on October 8th sale at Bonhams on London’s New Bond Street

M.F. Hussain, Indian artist, and film director, who died in 2011, was one of the most celebrated and internationally recognized Indian artists of the 20th century.

He became well know in the Indian Modernist movement of the 1940’s and largely painted in a modified Cubist style.

'Bhopal' is about to be sold at Bonhams, in London, and say that: “Just as Pablo Picasso’s passion and outrage towards the Spanish Civil War had inspired him to create ‘Guernica’ (1937), ‘Bhopal’ was the result of Hussain’s horror at the long-lasting effects of the leak.”

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