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Help the people of Bhopal who are still suffering the effects of the World's worst industrial disaster- the chemical gas leak of December 1984- and are now being slowly poisoned by the toxic waste that was never cleaned up... This is 'Bhopal's Second Disaster'.
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~ Monday, October 15 ~

The Bhopal Enigma meets Bhopal Survivors at City Hall, London.

Artist Stephen Vince and his Bhopal Enigma sculpture get to visit City Hall London.

There they met Assembly Members Navin Shah (Labour Party) and Darren Johnson (Green Party) who were behind the recently passed ‘anti Dow’ resolution at the London Assembly, together with Balkrishna Namdev and Safreen Khan two visiting Justice for Bhopal campaigners.

Stephen Vince, OlympicsArt website

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