ART FOR BHOPAL- all proceeds go 100% to The Bhopal Medical Appeal

Help the people of Bhopal who are still suffering the effects of the World's worst industrial disaster- the chemical gas leak of December 1984- and are now being slowly poisoned by the toxic waste that was never cleaned up... This is 'Bhopal's Second Disaster'.
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~ Tuesday, July 5 ~

Our recyled art at night. Glastonbury 2011. For more recycled art images please also have a look at our

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Bhopal Medical Appeal recycled art project at Glastonbury 2011

The Bhopal Medical Appeal made a statement about cleaning up at Glastonbury this year.

Michael Eavis has recently become a patron of the BMA and, thanks to this fantastic news, we were able to substantially raise our game at Glastonbury this year.

We had 80 litter pickers this year and we arranged for them to bring certain of the litter back to our marquee, just beside the Leftfield stage, for recycling into sculptures.

The scupltures included various over-sized figures representing Bhopali people collecting water plus one giant sized skull- all built to light up at night.

As an aside, we were also cleaning the hands of passers by with a special organic, chemical and alcohol-free hand sanitizer of our own making.

We were cleaning up Glastonbury. Nobody is cleaning up Bhopal.

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